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State enterprise Forests of the Slovak Republic was established by the Decision of the Ministry of Agriculture on the merging of state forest enterprises in Slovakia, i.e. Forests Bratislava, state enterprise; Forests Trencín, state enterprise; Northen Slovak Forests, state enterprise, Žilina; Central Slovak Forests, state enterprise, Banská Bystrica; Forests Košice, state enterprise; Forests Prešov, state enterprise; and Seed Management and Tree Improvement Enterprise Liptovský Hrádok, as well as by the Foundation charter of the Ministry of Agriculture of the Slovak Republic.

Basic enterprise dataPicture forest

Day of establishment: July 7,1999
Name: Forests of the Slovak Republic, state enterprise, Banská Bystrica
Domicile: Banská Bystrica, Námestie SNP 8
Identification number: 36038351
Day of registration with the trade register of the district court Banská Bystrica: October 10,1999

The main aim of the state enterprise Forests of the Slovak Republic is to manage forest and other property in the ownership of the Slovak Republic. As amended by the Commercial code the enterprise is an economic organisation entitled to carry out permanent enterprise activities, production and trade.

The enterprise is authorised to provide services, works and other activities with the aim to gain a permanent source of financial incomes. Forests of the Slovak Republic, state enterprise, Banská Bystrica is a state enterprise for fulfilling public welfare interests, thereby it acquired the statute of the enterprise of strategic importance (natural monopoly) in the Slovak Republic.

The enterprise top management consists of the executive director and the four chief managers managing organisation, development and technical, business, and economic sections.

Organisation structure of the Forests of the Slovak Republic, state Enterprise, is organised in the form of a 3-level management and is defined by organisation units within the enterprise:

The first – basic level of management consists of forest districts, other districts and centres. These stand for the basic organisation units structured under forest enterprises. They directly carry out forest production activities and all other activities within the units.

The second management level consists of forest enterprises formed within the enterprise. These provide forestry activities or specialised activities within the enterprise. Forest enterprises are individual internal organisation units with the closed production and economic cycle.

The third management level consists of the state enterprise headquarter – general directorate. It represents the enterprise management centre and it directly and indirectly (methodically) manages forest enterprises.