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Game management

Game management

Dear hunting friends!

We are pleased by your interest in game hunting in the hunting grounds of the state enterprise LESY SR, š. p.. Our company has hunting rights on the area of over half a million hectares. The hunting grounds of the enterprise are situated in almost all mountain chains of the Western Carpaths in Slovakia: from Záhorie in the west to the Eastern Carpaths, and from Palárikovo in the south to Poland and Babia Hora in the north of Slovakia. All this provides extensive possibilities for the selection of hunts as well as valuable hunting experiences for our hunting guests. In our hunting grounds, we are able to prepare and provide hunting activities during the entire hunting season starting traditionally by woodcock flighting and watching capercaillie at lekking time in the mountain hunting grounds in spring.

Picture Hunting SKPicture Hunting deer SK

However, the real hunts start with roe deer hunting on May 16. Except of hunts for roe deer, there is also wild boar hunting available, having its spectacular magic mainly during the moon nights in the period of summer holidays. An unrepeatable theatre of the red deer rut season starts in the first days of September in the valleys of the Slovak Carpaths. This is the time when the fallow deer rut follows the red deer’s one and the hunting season culminates. Trophies reaching over 200 CIC points can be bagged during this rut season in some of our hunting grounds. LESY SR, š. p. can be proud of the medal mouflon trophy that has been bagged at the Forest Enterprise Palárikovo and evaluated with 239.65 CIC points. Hunts for bear in the mountain hunting grounds of the central Slovakia are also very attractive in autumn. Many hunters take a fancy to driven wild board hunting where a strong tusker bag is not an exception. We will organise for you interesting walked up and driven hunts for pheasants in pheasantries with an abundant gamebag. Apart from the above mentioned game animals you can also hunt for hazel grouse, badger, royal pheasant, wild turkey, fox, and hare.

LESY SR, š. p. also provides accommodation in a variety of facilities ranging from small hunting castles to hunting lodges and cabins deep in the mountains. Everything depends only on your wishes and requirements.

A lump price offer of hunts for the most required game animals can be found in our price list. Each offered lump price hunting covers all common costs of hunting including a hunting fee for the required game species.

We believe that you will choose from our offer and we are looking forward to meeting you in the hunting grounds of LESY SR, š. p.

Good hunting!


Pricelist - 2024/25

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