Section of Development and Technical Director

  • RNDr. Peter Morong 

  • development and technical Director
  • Secretary telephone:   +421 48 43 44 253


Development and Technical Director:

  • coordinates and methodically directs forest operations and organisation of management of forestry enterprise activities
  • organises elaboration of strategy and development conception of the enterprise ; manages technical development and investment activities
  • cooperates with municipal administration bodies, state administration bodies, National Forestry Centre, forest management plan elaborators and other institutions
  • provides and coordinates investment activities
  • manages section of public procurement contracts in terms of state enterprise
  • manages and ensures the participation on the Structural Funds (SF) European Union (EU) and this provides and supports sustainable development company
  • manages and secures enterprise participation in cross-border and international projects
  • directs the participation and cooperation in the use of the state funds in joint programs aimed at promoting employment and supporting the employment of marginal groups, organized in collaboration with the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (MPRV) and the Ministry of Labour, Social Affairs and Family (MPSVR)
  • responsible for managing the administration of small watercourses